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Develop a killer MIND, BODY & BUSINESS you deserve with strategic coaching & direction so you can feel INSPIRED by yourself. 

This Is Project Me


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Project Me is the ONLY way you can work with Lyndsey & Ricky in a Coaching & Mentoring Capacity.

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The Most Powerful Thing
You Can Work On Is Yourself

Project Me is all about YOU! We offer the most comprehensive coaching product for the Group Fitness community that supports your MIND, BODY and Business.

Fundamental to Project Me are our 4 Pillars - HEALTH, WEALTH, LOVE and FULFILMENT . Unlocking your potential and creating balance in these pillars will empower you to set goals, take action and get results in all areas of your life. 

Project Me is Personal Training meets Life Coaching meets Personal and Professional Development. 




"I know I can lift the phone to Ricky and he has and always will do his utmost to give me guidance towards my goals.  He has a vast network of resources as well as tried and tested theory’s on personal as well as professional development."

Cara McEwan, Pilates Club Owner & Personal Trainer


"With Ricky & Jump, I learned better techniques for hacking my training and nutrition, and it's improved my life immensely giving me a newfound love for all exercise. Professionally I have found so much self-belief and inspiration from working with Lyndsey and Ricky through 2020/2021 lockdowns and now boast a thriving online community"

Emma Macdonald, Group Fitness Athlete & Business Owner


"Ricky planted a seed in my mind and then backed it up with great advice that has transformed the way I operate. Ricky & Lyndsey have so much experience in this industry and have helped me with my own business and with Les Mills"

Anthony Oxford, Personal Trainer, Les Mills Trainer, Reebok Ambassador 

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The Only Person You Are Destined To Become Is The Person You Decide To Be

At Project Me we understand the importance of self development, of setting goals, of having the feeling that you are meant for more. Many of us go through life coasting along with no real destination. Sometimes it's because we haven't thought about the bigger picture, sometimes it's because something is holding us back and sometimes it's because you just don't know HOW to get there. 

If you are done with settling for less than your best then Project Me is for you! 



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Ricky & Lyndsey you have been fantastic through this tough year and helped us all get through it, helping us to improve our mindset and fitness. This group is fabulous and it is an honour to have you all in my life.

Jane Mason

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Working with Lyndsey has helped me achieve goals and aspirations I thought were beyond my reach. I have always been pro active but Lyndsey has helped me grow in confidence allowing me to create opportunities for myself rather than waiting for them to come to me. I truly value the time we have spent chatting together and I always walk away from our conversations feeling super motivated and determined.

Natalie Bond

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I am so lucky to have accidentally come across Ricky And Lyndsey. You have completely changed the way I think about my fitness and I feel very privileged to be part of your team.

Donna Burns

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Accountability Is The Glue That Ties Commitment To The Result

Which ever coaching product you choose right at the core is ACCOUNTABILITY and WORLD CLASS COACHING.




I really enjoyed working with Lyndsey. It was good to get clear on what is really important to me and it felt like this really underpins everything. Overall I really enjoyed it. I think our group size was perfect and I loved that everyone supported each other. It feels like we have a lovely group here where we're safe to explore, ask questions, go out of our comfort zone etc. I loved the pace and that we had things to do each week but it never felt overwhelming or too much.
Thanks so much. I know I feel better for having done the course xxx

Jenny Anderson


I liked the different approach to understanding our values, it made me think about it in a different way than consolidated the other value exercise I have done before.

Unravelling the beliefs was very valuable and something that I need to remember to do more. It was a new tool that I know will be useful.
Sharing in the group is fab as we are supportive of each other and it makes it less scary to push the boundaries.

I loved setting my goals and had fun creating my vision board. I had a realisation that goals don’t have to be huge, they can change and they have to fit in with who I am. Somehow all the thoughts I had about goals vanished leaving a much more achievable and enjoyable process behind.

I really like that I learnt something new. I wasn’t sure at first whether we would go over stuff I have gone through before either other providers but we learnt new techniques with a fresh perspective and the course was tailored to us which was fab.

I like that Lyndsey & Ricky shared personal stories that made the experience more relatable to us and also showing vulnerability allowed us to do the same which is a great step in moving forward and continuing to grow.

I love the 1-1 coaching sessions, I think it helps consolidate the course and hopefully leave us with a lightbulb moment to keep going.

Myriam Armur

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I enjoyed having time to think about what I actually stand for. It reminded me that I am important too (just putting that into context -mum/wife/daughter etc). When looking at what I feel made up a particular value, I could feel my confidence building, knowing that’s me.
It opened my eyes to a lot of negative talk from the past as we explored the six steps to unravelling a belief. I found that model really helpful!
I loved the idea of moving from your comfort zone into the "stretch zone" (I’d never heard that before). I like the idea that there is space between ‘comfort’ and the ‘end product’ makes the process of getting to where you want less daunting.
The wheel of life helped, again breaking things down into smaller pieces. I could take small steps or big steps but felt I have set a few achievable targets for the coming year.

Angela Gorman

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Our Story

Experienced Coaching Professionals

Ricky & Lyndsey have helped 1000s of people within their time working in the fitness industry. 

Ricky has been in the industry since 2002 working his way through the ranks as a PT, Fitness Manager, Gym Manager and Gym Owner. Along the way, Ricky was recruited by Les Mills International in 20011 to become part of the LMUK Training Team. In 2016 a real change of demographics, and geography, saw Ricky move 80% of his business online and into the coaching space. Project Me is a realisation of several years of work to give people exactly what they need to become their own priority. 

"Coaching is different to Training and Educating. Coaching is dialling into someone's mindset and helping them believe they can do more. In many ways, I see my role as a Coach helping people show up. The ONE thing strategy has changed my life and I use it with every single client I encounter" 

Lyndsey's love for fitness is deep-rooted. From an early age, Lyndsey found sport and physical activity inspiring. The immediate endorphin reaction and impact on my mental wellbeing draws me back time over. So, it is of no great surprise that Lyndseys career has taken the path that it has. From first steps into the industry the motivation has been to have a wide-reaching impact on others by sharing my passions. Lyndsey is proud that this drive has resulted in career highlights such as:

  • Featured presenter on Les Mills On Demand. An at home fitness video library that now has over 400k subscribers worldwide

  • Recruitment, training and development of over 2000 Group Exercise Instructors across The UK and Ireland, as well as globally with inspiring trips to South Africa, Holland and Spain. 

  • Creating the Lyndsey Morrison Podcast specifically for Group Fitness professionals/fans.

"Self-Leadership and helping others to flex their mindset muscle is my jam. It was through my own personal challenges that I learned how to show up each day as the best version of myself, arming myself with toolbox that I can open anytime I feel a dip in confidence, need to rev up my resilience to supercharge my positivity, power up my self-belief. I now share this with my clients, helping them to have more confidence, positivity, clarity and direction."


Here Is How PROJECT ME will get YOU Incredible Results

  • 1-1 Project Me Plan

  • Extreme Accountability

  • Group Coaching Calls

  • Weekly Tasks

  • Master The 4 Pillars Of Health, Career, Love & Fulfilment

  • Private Members-Only Community

  • Private Members-Only Website

  • Project Me Monthly Bundles

  • Monthly Guest Expert Sessions

  • Project Me Podcast To Support Your Development

If you were drinking a coffee a day or smoking a pack a day, you’d be looking at around £20-30 per week… If you were looking to escape from your life for a bit, and you’d booked another holiday, you’d probably set aside £1-2000 depending on how hard you wanted to party, and how little of it you’d remember… If you were looking to book another tattoo to help you feel better about your body in the short term, it might run you up to £2-3 grand…

Well, at Project Me, we believe a good habit shouldn’t cost more than a bad habit. The type of people we work with know investing in themselves always pays dividends.

In fact, as I’m sure you’ve realised… the cost of not joining can be much, much higher.

Not least because your alternative – boozy holidays and new tattoos – could cover your Project Me membership for the whole year…

But because in a year, the chances are you’ll be in an even worse position than you are now.

More out of shape, more tired and sluggish, and consistently making worse decisions for your health.

Doing several group exercise classes per week along with gym sessions fueled by caffeine, sugar and the hope that this next workout will be "ok" instead of GREAT!

It can be a slippery slope… but it doesn’t have to be.

You have the power to change things.

We can change things together.

Lyndsey & Ricky have over 40 years of industry experience and worked with over 10,000 fitness professionals globally. 



Before we invite you to book a call and find out more, there’s something important you need to know…

This isn’t some coast-along programme you sign up to and forget about.

This is a project which requires deliberate action every week.

During the process, you will be challenged, and you will leave your comfort zone behind.

You will build resilience.

If that’s something that scares you… then keep reading.

"If you always do, what you've always done, then you'll always get what you've always got"

Fast forward 12 months. If you were in the exact same position in 1 years time how would you feel?

Is building resilience scary?

Is working with us scary?

Is Project Me Scary?

Is being in the EXACT same position you are in right now in 12 months time more scary than the above?

Here’s what the Project Me promises, and this is an absolute ironclad guarantee…

Do the tasks, do the reps, and show up to the trainings we provide. 

If you can do that, you’ll get the results. No exceptions. 

We promise you accountability, then more accountability then EXTREME accountability.

If you’re thinking about putting this off, ask yourself do you want to be back here in a year with a bigger problem to solve…?


To Be Clear...

Here is what you are getting

  • Project Me Road Map including bespoke steps for your Mind, Body and Business. If you need to be spending more time on one than the other then WE bespoke this for your Project Me

  • Weekly Project Me Meetings with your Coaches. Applying the principle of The ONE Thing Method you will be left in NO DOUBT in what you must do each week and each day

  • You Get To Be BEST Community of people who will help YOUR PROJECT ME. You get to join the ranks of a group of people who want nothing more than to see you winning. Imagine belonging to a network of fitness professional you respect, look up to, and admire. This may be the most powerful elements inside Project Me. The need to protect the quality of this community is the reason why not everyone who applies is accepted.

  • TWO private platforms to house lean on and drive you to make Project ME the most rewarding thing you could possibly do. Your Community Facebook Group will have daily + Weekly content. Your private website log in will have HOURS of education you can lean on at anytime.

  • Our 5 Welcome Videos settle you in to turbo charge Project Me to create resilience and momentum IMMEDIATELY upon registering.